Parallel benevolence

Poster competition theme: benevolence. The design supposed to be inspired by works of master Xia Jing Shan.

Concept: The composition is inspired by 3 works of master Xia Jing Shan (Avalokitesvara on Cerulean Blue Rock, Arhat, Zhong Kui Moving House) where benevolence is part of the idea. Avalokitesvara, who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas, is a central figure of the composition. In the middle is Arhat, showing benevolence when taming the dragon. Another segment is picturing Zhong Kui, while moving with his family and attendants, still being mindful of her sister on the back of the ox…

Sometimes the acts of benevolence coexist in parallel universes and sometimes they cross, influence or just continue in circles through space and time.